Re-Imagine life after 60

What is Your life suppose to look like? What do you want? I think I want Joy, Beauty, Peace, & Love to be part of my life. A sanctuary place to be nurtured and cocooned in. But, I also want to be able to grow as a person, to keep learning and sharing.

What are your favorite things to do? I like to Read, Get together and DIY with other people. I enjoy seeing and making art. Although lately, it’s just been drawings. I miss the exciting environment of art classes, where synergy happens, with ideas being shared and see them come to fruition. I like getting together with others, just to pass the time. Did you ever sit around and snap peas with your family? Or gather around the table and make cards? Simple fun, mindfulness…

I think I am going to pick up where I left off and delve into more Essential Oils & Herbs, and Supplement, start sharing these again. I used to really enjoy gathering together and learning. I’ve been working on a website and sharing my story about what I’ve done to help my health along, be proactive. I’d love to hear what’s helped you!

Time to Take more Walks, either at the wharf, or on the beach, or just around the block. Maybe get a bike with a basket & see if I can still ride. Move more, see more, do more. But a leisurely pace. No more rat race or chaos, just listen to the birds and smell the flowers. Enjoy life more.

📿🤗💕. M

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Are You Looking For Targeted Skin Support? — JodiBarnett758

There should be more emphasis placed on “loving the skin your in”. Many fail to comprehend that their skin is the largest elimination organ their body houses. Our skin is the 1st barrier of protection! I also advocate that you need to support your skin nutritionally from the inside out too, however, there are times […]

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Life is al about changes. Have you read the book, “who moved my cheese” ? I love to revisit it. Take a hour or two and read it if you haven’t.

I’m going through my life Box by Box and it’s hard. It’s like rowing against the current for me. But, I have to look at it like this, one Box at a time, one day at a time. Slowly but surely I’ll get there!



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Alaska Indigenous

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Fantastic news about Colley Avenue

Love this area!

Ghent Neighborhood League

Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, Selected as the “People’s Choice” Great Place Designation by the American Planning Association

The American Planning Association announced the “People’s Choice” Great Places in America Designation

CHICAGO—Today, the American Planning Association (APA) announced that Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, has earned the “People’s Choice” designation as one of the Great Places in America in 2015.

For the second year in the row, APA asked the public to nominate their favorite public space, neighborhood, or street. Suggestions were collected throughout October via social media outlets using the hashtag #GreatPlaces. Five finalists were then selected out of the nearly hundred suggestions that were received. The public could then vote for their favorite through APA’s website during the second part of October.

“Norfolk is a vibrant, historic port city, filled with authentic, diverse neighborhoods and Colley Avenue in Ghent is just one the many gems our city has…

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Shifting Gears

Life is full of trails. One turn on the trail sets me on a different course in life. Another keeps me on the same path. Wonder and amazement of relationships keep me going. Sometimes I don’t care what trail I should follow, but constantly curious what I want to do. I’m in a place in life, where I only want to do what I want to do… Work for myself, enjoy friends and family, live for the sunshine and warm weather. 

My course is changing, I still want to open my own business, but more than that; I want to make stuff-Clay, Silver, and art work. And I want to hang around creative people and surround myself with positive influences.I am looking for motivation, nurturing, beauty in life, simplicity with a clear path on the trail of life.


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Farmers Market in Fountain, CO. 80817

For Classes for in Clay, Calligraphy or Jewelry call 719-646-5937 ask for Melanie

For Directions: To Fountain, CO Farmers Market & the business downtown: 8&q=111+so+MAIN,+fOUNTAIN,+cO+80817&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x87136af94879303f:0x17052085818e31f5,111+SMain+St,+Fountain,+CO+80817&gl=us&daddr=111+S+Main+St,+Fountain,+CO+80817&ei=igPXT8aJLcq02gXL8uGjDw&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CBoQwwUwAA

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Warm Weather is Motivation TIme!

The warm weather is finally here, and school is out. It is time to get into the winter studio and sweep it out. I can’t wait, It is always so exciting to get the studio functional after the long winter. The kiln exhaust hood has been ordered and is going to be fabricated this month, then it will be installed in June. While it is still spring, I will revamp the website and put the finishing touches in it for sales and presentation. I will notify everyone, when it is a functional piece of art, ready for public view.


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Welcome in Spring!

I can’t wait for the warm weather to come. Each day signs of spring show up. The grass is peaking through the crispy leaves weathered by the winter. The buds on the tree outside my window are developing and ready to release. I saw a robin, on a friends roof top, drinking water from its perch. All around are signs it is time to start living again.

The return of daylight saving time is this week-end, remember to spring forward on Saturday, March 10th before you go to bed. Oh how I long for silent sleep in the weeks to come.

Moving slowly toward a new beginning…




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Getting the Studio Ready

I arrived back in Colorado as a graduate of The Institute of American Indian and Alaskan Native Culture and Arts Development (IAIA). My Certificate is Business and Entrepreneurship.

It is the end of June and I am making progress toward my artist studio. I have a few details that need to be accomplished before start-up for actual business, an exhaust fan, winter weatherization and heat. With luck, I will be right on schedule.  

I am determined to get the studio and work space operational in July, so I can begin to practice my craft and develop my ideas.

Deploying it is very gratifying.  It will be fun to take the business plan from paper to production.

That’s all for the time being, more to come next month.


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